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Topic Tangle Jr.

Unscramble the mystery words before your time runs out. You spin the topics and then unscramble the mystery word which relates to it by dragging the letters into their proper slots. Once solved the topics spin again and again until the round is over. Gaseste cuvintele misterioase, inainte sa expire timpul. Alege subiectul si apoi gaseste cuvantul misterios legat de el, tragand literele in locasurile lor. Dupa gasirea cuvantului, alege subiectul urmator, pana la inchiderea cercului.

Free Online Word Games Collection

Colectie de Jocuri de Cuvinte Online Gratuite

Scrambled Word Game
Unscramble the mystery word by putting the letters into the proper order. Gaseste cuvantul misterios, punand literele in ordinea corecta.
Thesaurus Tangle Jr.
Discover the synonyms for the keywords before your time runs out. As the keyword appears you race against the clock to unscramble the synonym by dragging the letters into their proper slots to discover the mystery word. Gaseste sinonimele pentru cuvintele date, inainte sa expire timpul. Din momentul aparitiei cuvantului, trebuie sa tragi literele la locul lor, contra cronometru, pentru a gasi cuvantul misterios.
Find TheWord
Locate all 12 words related to a given topic, in a 16x16 matrix of letters. Gaseste toate cele 12 cuvinte legate de subiectul dat, in matricea de litere 16x16.
Wizard Word Blitz Game
Find the correct definitions to 10 unusual words, in under a minute. Gaseste definitiile corecte pentru 10 cuvinte mai putin uzuale, in mai putin de un minut.
Letix Word Game
Spell as many words as you can, before the time runs out. Scrie corect cat mai multe cuvinte, inainte sa expire timpul dat.
Balloon Pop Word Game
Plays like the classic word game Hangman, but with a very funny twist. Asemanator cu clasicul joc de cuvinte Spanzuratoarea, dar cu un final foarte amuzant. - Creator of Free Web Games for Your Site. - Totul intr-un singur loc! pagina ta de start pe internet This is my Google PageRankô - SmE Rank free service Powered by Scriptme