Translator Englez Rom�n + Curs Audio Englez� = 70 LEI

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English Romanian Translator

- English Romanian & Romanian English Dictionaries included -

Order NOW and you'll get our
English Romanian Audio Course (content of 11 audio CDs) = 30 EURO
+ 10 SMS Translator credits (translator on any cell phone, via SMS)

Online DEMO version, for evaluation purposes only.
You can translate any text within seconds.
Service available by SMS and WAP, using any cell phone. Click WAP TRANSLATOR for details!

Free Machine Translation

New Copy  (IE only!) Paste (IE only!)
Certified Human Translations
5.00 EUR + 0.05 EUR/word
Call me, using Skype!
Service available by SMS and WAP, using any cell phone. Click SMS TRANSLATOR for details!

This version will only display a rough translation. Below the translation are listed alternative meanings for every word. Select the most suitable word to change the translation to the appropriate meaning.

Features for registered users:

  • Fully functional on your computer, no Internet connection needed.
  • The 30 word limitation no longer applies. You can translate a few pages at a time.
  • Allowing you to add new senses, words, phrases or idioms.
  • Grammatical text analysis.
  • Spell checking (MSOffice needed).
  • Hear both English and Romanian texts using MSAgent.
  • Unlimited free online upgrades.

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